Through our “Export Korea” vision, we promote Korean expertise and products abroad, and we make quality and innovative Korean products widely available to you overseas.

Our range of services stands out by providing consistent answers to each of your needs when starting or developing an activity with South Korea.



Are you looking for new suppliers? Would you like to have access to high quality and innovative products? We will guide you from the start during the whole import process, from sourcing products to setting up your activity.

Representation in Korea

Would you like to have a representative in Korea to help you break into the Korean market? Our team is your best solution to set your activity up with an adapted service and to ease your implementing in Korea with a personalized monitoring.

Company visits

Are you planning a business-related trip in Korea and do you wish to visit a Korean factory in your area of interest? Our team is ready to organize guided tours in the factories of any of our suppliers. We will accompany you and assure interpretation.

Companies verification

Do you already work with a Korean supplier or know of a Korean company you would wish to have information about? Being in contact with the government organizations we are able to discreetly conduct investigations to evaluate the reliability of your supplier/client (company visit/factory, geographic location...).

Counselling service

Are you looking for any specific information about Korea or are you interested in a training course about how to do business with Korean companies? Thanks to our presence in Korea and our fruitful experiences, we offer consulting services by phone or video conference about Korean culture, starting a business in South Korea or any particular topics.



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