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Located in Seoul, TN Consulting is very closely established near its suppliers and transporters as well as the government institutions so that we can immediately meet all your needs. In partnership with the French-Korean Chamber of Commerce, TN Consulting is well recognized for its savoir-faire and expertise about South Korea. We speak French, Korean and English and are able to manage in a simple way all the cultural and linguistic aspects. Moreover the experiences and the diversification of TN Consulting’s team make their vast international network accessible especially in Europe and in the Caribbean and of course in South Korea.

We will provide you with a customized turnkey service allowing you to have an easy access to Korean products without even planning a trip to South Korea. Moreover, we only work with quality suppliers, eco-friendly whenever possible, so as to satisfy your demand with an ecological and sustainable vision.

With the Korean wave, the halliu (Korean dramas and K-pop), that swept around the world, as well as its electronic products, cars, ship building and construction works, all of which have gained recognition across the world, South Korea stands out compared to the other Asian countries by offering high quality products and services at a competitive price.

No. The purpose of our activity is to make the export process between Korean suppliers and our clients located overseas as simple as possible. Thus our clients do not need to come to Korea since we carry out the procedures on their behalf and we respond to their needs. However, if your activity with South Korea reaches a certain scale we then encourage you to come by and visit the factories of your suppliers and meet with their managers. We will assist you with these steps as well.

Through the career path of our team members, we have built a large database of suppliers. Whether our suppliers are partners of ours or not, we select them based on strict selection criteria which are: Quality, offering products in line with the European standards and possibly eco-friendly, Expertise, being able to manage an export business and to monitor their products, and Reliability, for a sustainable and trustful relationship.

All the products we are sourcing are in line with the European standards (CE) and their manufacturers have provided us with a copy of their certificate. Moreover, we will personally guarantee the authenticity of these documents. In case of doubt we shall call upon a company specialized in certification.

Yes. In most of cases, products are customizable (color, logo,...) for extra costs and delays.

Yes. For all export activities, the packaging, the labeling, the product composition and the instruction manual will be available in English. Please let us know should you wish to receive them in your own language.

Yes. All our products are covered with a 1 to 5 year-warrantee by the supplier. Please let us know should you need a minimum cover period or an extended coverage.

Yes. It is possible to receive a sample, but the cost involved (price of the product and delivery cost) is at your expense. The sample will be delivered with no customization through express mail (it takes about 5 working days to reach Europe and the USA), together with the basic information translated into English, unless otherwise requested.

TN Consulting services are intended for professionals. However, individual requests may be handled. Please refer to the question “What is the minimum order quantity?”, or you may want to contact us directly to discuss the matter.

The information needed varies according to your demand and is available in our forms (sourcing form, export form). The more detailed your request is (with product description, features, delivery place and date, quantity and so on), the faster we can work on it and send you our quotation.

The minimum order quantity varies according to the product as well as to the packaging (number of products per box/pallet). We will strive to find the best price-performance ratio, looking for the lowest delivery costs for the quantity of products ordered.

The delivery lead time depends on the delivery place, as well as on the delivery mode which varies with the weight and volume of your order. About 5 working days are necessary by plane and about 36 days are necessary by boat.

The delivery lead time depends on the delivery place, as well as on the delivery mode which varies with the weight and volume of your order. About 8 working days are necessary by plane and about 60 days are necessary by boat.

It may be either you or us. If you are already working with a transit company, we are able to offer you FOB price (Free On Board), meaning that the price includes the delivery cost for transportation within Korea, from the factory to the exit ports (airports or seaports). In case you do not have a transit company, we can organize the delivery service and have your order delivered in complete safety, from the factory to the port of entry in the country where the products are to be delivered (airports or seaports). The local transportation of the products to the final destination remains under your responsibility.

The products are packed by the supplier who will take the necessary measures to protect them in view of the transportation. The supplier’s packaging may be reinforced by the transit company if necessary. Transit companies may also offer complementary packing services for an extra cost.

Yes. Once your products are shipped, you will be given the information needed to follow the state of your products’ transportation.

We will personally check the condition of the goods before they leave Korea. In case the products would be damaged, the responsibility of the transporter will be engaged and the insurance will cover the damages.

The order will be paid in two installments. First a down payment is required before the manufacturing or the preparation of the products, then a final payment is required before the shipping. We accept payment by T/T (Telegraphic Transfer) and L/C (Letter of Credit).

No. Products exported out of Korea are not subject to the Korean VAT. However upon arrival of the products at the entry port of the delivery country, the imports will be assessed a VAT levy based on the customs clearance price of the goods (price of the product + insurance and delivery costs).

The main costs to consider when importing products are the VAT (see previous question) and customs duties, however additional taxes specific to each region or country may be added. Following the conclusion of the Free Trade Agreements (FTA) between Europe and South Korea and between the United States and South Korea, customs duties were canceled on several products. Please contact your local transit company for more details on the procedure.