About TN Consulting


TN Consulting - Thierry Nanette

Who are we?

TN Consulting is a Korean Trading and Consulting firm established in 2012 by Thierry Nannette in Seoul, South Korea. The company is composed of a multilingual, qualified, efficient and dynamic team of specialists of the Korean market with an advanced understanding of the global market, and strives to become the liaison to facilitate exchanges between the Korean market and non-Korean (overseas) counterparts.


What do we do?

Based in South Korea, with our firm understanding of Korean and overseas markets, we would like to play a very dynamic role in business relations between South Korea and other countries.

Thus, we endeavor to disseminate Korean expertise and products abroad, and allow Korean products to be available overseas for non-Korean residents. For more details >> Services.

While we remain committed and open to all areas of the world for business, we are initially focusing on the regions that have Free Trade Agreements signed with South Korea, notably the EU and the US, from where a number of our valued customers originate. For more details >> Contact us.


Our values

Quality: a perfect customer service.

Simplicity: exporting and importing in a few steps.

Satisfaction: a customer relation that lasts.